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Our team members are our greatest asset.

Dr. Marsha Black


Dr. Marsha L. Black, female Chiropractor and owner, is committed to YOU!  Dr. Black has a strong proficiency in fitness instruction, yoga techniques, and health education. She is an icon in the community through her public speaking at special interest groups and businesses throughout the GTA.  In addition to her chiropractic licensure and affiliation, she is a board-certified teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers. Dr. Black is a course director at Alexander Mackenzie High School facilitating the ABC's of optimal health.  Dr. Black integrates several techniques into her practice: - Diversified - Thomas technique - Active Release Therapy - Torque release - Gonstead These techniques help to facilitate nerve flow and healing.   

Dr. Elyse Black


Dr. Elyse Black is a second-generation Chiropractor who has a passion for healthy active living. She employs Chiropractic as not only a solution for pain but as a proactive approach to maintaining function. She takes a hands-on approach to ensure that the body can operate at its maximal capacity.   Dr. Black has an athletic background competing in dance, Provincial Level gymnastics, National Level trampolining, race snowboarding, and football. She was a 3x National Champion in Varsity Cheerleading at Wilfrid Laurier University. She also ran the Ski and Snowboard Club where she organized annual ski trips.   She graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College with Honours. During her time at CMCC, she ran the Business and Outdoor Activities Clubs. She was the recipient of the Marilyn Phillip’s and the Students’ Council Dedication Awards, which recognize students for outstanding academic achievement, contributions to student life, and a commitment to the chiropractic profession. She is also a certified Personal Trainer and an F45 Training coach.    Dr. Black has a passion for keeping people moving and enabling them to continue to do the things that they love. She treats everything from headaches and joint pain to improving functional movement and performance. She treats each patient as a unique individual and takes a holistic approach to care.